Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This is my mihimihi

e hoa ma

e te whanau
the family

tenei whare
this house

tenei kura
this school

te koa
the happiness

te aroha
the love


nga mahi

haere mai

Friday, October 18, 2013

The biggest oarfish

Earlier this week American has found the biggest fish on Catalina Island. They found the fish 3000feet down in the water and it  was 5 meter long. The fish was could an Oarfish.

Friday, August 30, 2013

My Son is Naughty

Untitled from Team 5 PES on Vimeo

Jack and Ray were at the rugby. Ray’s team was winning
so Jack decided to give Ray a problem to deflate his ego a
bit. So Jack said “Did you know that today is my three
sons’ birthday?” “How old are they?” Ray asked taking
the bite. “I’ll give you a hint. The product of their ages is
36 and the sum of their ages is 13,” Jack replied. “That’s
no help,” said Ray. So Jack weakened and gave him
another clue. “O.K. My youngest son is very naughty.”
“Nothing to it,” exclaimed Ray and he told Jack the
correct ages of his sons.
How did Ray figure out the correct answer and what are
Jack’s sons’ ages?

I hope you like it.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time in the middle of a thick frost sorted a small cottage, the home of a pretty naughty little girl know to every one little red riding hood. One day her mother waved her goodbye at the garden gate, saying ‘"Grandma is ill. Take her this basket of cakes, but be very careful. Keep to the path through the wood and don't ever stop. That way, you will come to no harm."
Little Red Riding Hood told her mother that she was not going to listen to her because she doesn't listen to anyone.

Full of bad intentions, the little girl had not made it in time to her way through the wood’s, but she was soon to forget her mother's wise words. "What yucki strawberries! And so yuck.”.

Laying her basket on the ground, Little Red Riding Hood bent over and crusted all the strawberry plants. Little red riding hood did not like strawberries, Thats why she crusted them all.

On her way to her Grandma’s house she heard something in the trees. Jumped down a big bad wolf. The wolf said to her “were a you off to little girl” Little red riding hood said to the wolf ” I am going to myGrandma's house” so the wolf went off and so did little red riding hood.

The red fruit peeped invitingly through the leaves in the grassy glade, and Little Red Riding Hood ran back and forth crushing all the strawberries. Suddenly she saw her Grandma’s cottage.
When she saw her grandmother’s cottage she ran sirat to it.

Finally she got to her Grandma’s cottage. When she got there she kicked the door opened. Then she went  into her grandmother’s room. Little red riding hood said to her Grandma “ What big ears you have”wolf: “ all the better to hear you with”  little red riding hood: “ what big eye’s you have”Grandma: all the better to see you with” little red riding hood: “ What big teeth you have”Grandma: “ all the better to eat you with”.

When the grandmother said that to her it was the wolf who dressed up like the Grandma. little red riding hood said to the wolf “ what have you done with my Grandma” the wolf said “ she is in the cabieds”. Then the wolf started to chase little red riding hood around the room.

Little red riding hood stopped and then she grabbed the basket and  wacet the wolf on the face with the basket. Then the wolf fall down on the ground. Then she went to go and get her Grandma out of the cabieds. When she found her Grandma little red riding hood went back to get the basket full of cakes. She looked at the wolf and said “good night” then she shut his eye’s. They lived happily ever after.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Heart Attack Grill

I feel that the Heart Attack Grill should not come to NZ, because it sells unhealthy, fatty food that can kill you! The food at The Heart Attack Grill has much more fat in it than other takeaways like KFC or McDonald. The serving sizes at this restaurant are very large. Hamburgers can be quadruple sized, fries are cooked in lard and are unlimited, milkshakes are full fat and made from butter. When the people eat too much of their food they can get so fat and then have a heart attack and go to the hospital so then the doctors will have to work harder. But it is also hard because it costs too much money for the government. You can argue that maybe The Heat Attack might get heaps of money, from sales of hamburgers in GI and then be able to take some fat out of their food. I feel that the Heart Attack Grill should not come to NZ, because it sells unhealthy, fatty food that can kill you! So we truly think that it should not open in NZ in GI.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lollipop Moment

What is a “Lollipop Moment”?
it is about helping people in the school and leading