Monday, June 30, 2014

At my cousin house

In the weekend I went to my cousin's. We went to the movie to watch frozen than we went around the mall for 5 min. we went back to the movies to watch frozen. The movie was finish so we just went around onetime and than me and my cousin's went back home. So me and my cousin played rugby on the street it was fun. My cousin call us to go in the and eat dinner it was yum and we went for a sour and than we went to sleep.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sound pressentaino

Smart foot print

1) Teachers can always see you
2) Be careful what you search
3) Be in the right thing
4) Do not be dodge
5) When the teacher is not around just remember you‘re not invisible

My level up

I am in level 1 because i can not improve but managing my self and to be cyber smart.
I can't handle my self really well but I getting there I just need to handle my laugh my next step is to focus my work and try to not laugh.   

Facts about sound

You can hear sound everywhere you go because the vibart and your phone even when you you go outside because the birds singing and the kids playing. You can even hear sound at school because working and when people are promising.

You can hear sound everywhere you go cause you can hear people talking and the wind. If it is quiet  you can still hear sound because it is all around use cause the wind.

Scientififc method

Swimming lessons

SWim 2.jpg

On Tuesday we went to the G.I  Pools for swimming lessons.
It is important to learn to swim because want you go to the beach
you can drowned.It is important to learn so you can be safe.