Monday, June 30, 2014

At my cousin house

In the weekend I went to my cousin's. We went to the movie to watch frozen than we went around the mall for 5 min. we went back to the movies to watch frozen. The movie was finish so we just went around onetime and than me and my cousin's went back home. So me and my cousin played rugby on the street it was fun. My cousin call us to go in the and eat dinner it was yum and we went for a sour and than we went to sleep.


  1. Hello Efilona
    It really sound's like you had a lot of fun at your cousin's house only if I was there I would of made it way better. Keep up the amazing and awesome work.

  2. Hello Efilona,
    I really enjoyed reading your post about your weekend with your cousins, it sounds like you had a lot of fun. Maybe next time you make sure you proof read and don't forget your capital letters and full-stops.
    Keep Up The Great Work!

  3. This was a fun post. It was great to read that you enjoyed your weekend and that you kept busy. My family and I have watched Frozen as well, and we really enjoyed it.


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